Introduction to the Human Dog Universe

The idea for the Human Dog alternate reality came to life while pondering the real possibility of a global pandemic that nearly wipes out humanity. This could really happen and is entirely likely to eventually occur.

In the Human Dog reality, an asymptomatic carrier of a horrible man-made pathogen, accidentally spreads the disease to everyone he comes in contact with. The infected spread the disease to others, and within a short time, virtually everyone is dead. A small number are naturally immune from the disease, but those who become ill and survive are mutated into horrible beings who have no memory of who they were before. Their personalities and knowledge are burned out of them by this scourge, and they are disfigured into beasts that have red eyes, black hair covering their entire bodies, and hands and feet swollen to near uselessness. Some, the bigger and stronger, become cannibals who utilized their sharp, black claws to prey on anything that moves. 

A series of short stories help explain the origin of the pathogen and some of the characters, both living and dead, who appear in the series. These stories are bundled in the free Human Dog: Short Stories book and website.

Three novels are planned for the first Human Dog series.

In the first, Beginning, we meet Ron, his wife Mel, and his precocious daughter Emi as they fall headlong into the impending apocalypse and work their way through surviving and fighting off enemies, both man and beast.

The second in the series, Journey, follows the adventures of Ron and his family as they attempt to reach a colony being established from people immune to the plague in a far off place.

The third novel, Colony, finds Ron and his group making it to the colony and follows their victories and defeats in their attempts to help stabilize the colony and build a future for humanity.

The Human Dog universe does not end with Ron and his family. It is a rich tapestry of stories and adventures that have no ending and may result in numerous other series down the road.

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-John Coryat, Author.